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Rednal Hill Infant School & Nursery Class

Achieve, Believe, Create
Be the very best you can be

School Values



Our values are devised and shared by every member of the school community. Our values arise out of what we believe to be important about people, about society and about learning and knowledge.

We believe in honesty, fairness, respect, trust, responsibility and resilience

By honesty we mean that everyone

  • Tells the truth
  • Is fair and treats others how they would like to be treated themselves

By fairness we mean that everyone

  • Will treat each other equally
  • Will not show discrimination or favouritism

By respect we mean that everyone

  • Values all members of the community
  • Displays tolerance of others with different points of view and beliefs  

By trust we mean that everyone

  • Is confident to rely and depend on each other
  • Can believe that all the school community is supportive and honest with each other

By responsibility we mean that everyone

  • Takes ownership of their learning and behaviour
  • Is committed to our school, our community and the environment and recognises the role that they play in keeping others safe

By resilience we mean that everyone

  • Tries their very best and does not give up easily
  • Keeps a healthy mind and body to stay strong to achieve their best

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