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Rednal Hill Infant School & Nursery Class

Achieve, Believe, Create
Be the very best you can be



Mrs H Whitten – Chair of Governors/Co-opted Governor
Mrs K Salmons - Vice Chair of Governors. Co-opted/SEND Governor
Mrs I Yu - Local Authority Governor
Mrs A Warden – Staff Governor
Mrs S Ingram - Co-opted/Safeguarding Governor
Mrs J Danks - Co-opted Governor
Mrs F Phipps - Parent Governor
Mrs V Priddon - Parent Governor


Mrs H Whitten - Chair of Governors/Co-opted Governor

I am a youth ministry leader and member of the Parochial Church Council at St. Stephen’s Church, Rednal. I have worked as a volunteer with young people for many years in churches and various youth organisations. Prior to having my family, I worked solely for the NHS. Based in Birmingham, I was manager of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Postgraduate Medical Centre, with responsibility for the medical education programmes and conference facilities, hosting large medical/scientific national and international symposia. To fit in with family commitments, I left the NHS when my children were young and trained as a teaching assistant, working at a local primary school for the next fifteen years, the latter five years as a higher-level teaching assistant. Being a governor enables me to combine experience gained `at the coal face` in the school environment with that in the NHS, in a bid to provide the best possible start in life for every pupil that passes through Rednal Hill Infants School. I am keen that all children experience the wider curriculum, including access to sport, music, culture, the arts and creativity, and ultimately gain the skills required to become valued and respected members of their local community.

Mrs K Salmons - Vice Chair of Governors. Co-opted/SEND Governor

I became a Governor in 2019 and currently hold the position of Vice Chair and Co-opted Governor. I attend both Curriculum and Standards and Finance, Facilities & Personnel meetings. Both of my daughters attended Rednal Hill and enjoyed their time here, creating many happy memories, whilst receiving excellent support. I have been a Lecturer for the last 22 years and feel privileged to have been given this opportunity and hope my educational experience will help to guide the school. I am passionate about all children being nurtured to achieve their full potential and see education as a fundamental part of shaping future prospects and goals. I enjoy working closely with the Senior Leadership Team during meetings and interacting with Teachers and Teaching Assistant’s during school visits. I get to observe the amazing support and varied curriculum being delivered, with a particular focus on SEN provision.

Mrs I Yu - Local Authority Governor

I have a background in psychology and mental health. I am a mother of two boys and have been a volunteer with children in different settings and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I have engaged more in the school environment since 2022 and started my role as a governor at Rednal Hill Infant School in March 2023. I find the ethos and atmosphere of the school inspiring and feel privileged to be part of a team dedicated to ensuring that children are provided with opportunities to achieve their full potential.

Mrs A Warden – Staff Governor

My name is Amy Warden and I have been a teacher at Rednal Hill Infant School since September 2007. During this time, I have taken on the roles of Nursery Lead, SENDCo and DSL, as the Schools Inclusion Manager. I am an active person who loves to be outdoors, which is fortunate, as I spend most Saturday mornings on the side-lines of grass-football, cheering on my own children. I am proud to be the Staff Governor, of our school family, representing my dedicated colleagues, who work hard to meet the needs of our community.

Mrs S Ingram - Co-opted/Safeguarding Governor

I have been a Governor at Rednal Hill Infants for over 10 years and still feel just as passionate about our children’s education as I did back then ! I have 27 years of teaching experience most of which has been at Rednal Hill infants itself. The school has changed and evolved over the years, but one thing has remained the same - the dedication of all the staff to ensure the children have opportunities to become the very best they can be.

Mrs J Danks - Co-opted Governor

I am currently a Payroll Operations Supervisor at JLR with 10+ years' experience of working within finance. My expertise is in the constant changing of government legislation and complying with all statutory requirements. I am currently a wellbeing advocate, a GDPR champion and involved in a HMRC specialised group which looks at all new things the government want to implement. Outside of my career I had the opportunity within education to study childcare and become a qualified Level 2 practitioner which I feel would give me a good understanding of how the school works and how we can best support the children; I worked for many hours in different school/nursery settings and loved every moment helping the children grow into their personalities, think of creative ways to teach them and generally making their start in life a happy one. I have a passion for Rednal Hill and have loved the school from the many years ago that I was once a student here. The school continues to blossom, and I would love to be involved in that development not only for my own children but for everyone else’s. I am a mom of two children; who are my world. My daughter is currently in Rednal Hill whilst my son is in nursery. I believe children should benefit from a good day-to-day experience at school and eventually achieve their full academic potential. My professional and personal experience have provided me with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of what is required from the school, parents/carers and the child to achieve this. I have been interested in the school governor role since my daughter started. As my children are growing and becoming more engrossed in life, this gives me the opportunity to take up new responsibilities and challenges. I wish to contribute and give back to the wider community and for the benefit of students. I believe that my knowledge and experience are transferrable to a parent governor role. I believe in life-long learning and would be grateful if I could take on this new role and further my own skills.

Mrs V Priddon - Parent Governor

I am Vicky Priddon, I am a primary school teacher, teaching across various levels, including Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Key Stage 1 (KS1), qualifying in 2013, and a Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENDCo) since 2018. I believe my background in education, and unique blend of skills can contribute to improving outcomes across the school. As a parent, I have a vested interest in ensuring that our school provides the best possible environment for our children to learn, grow, and succeed. My own child's education is of utmost importance to me, and I am eager to work collaboratively with fellow governors, staff, and parents to ensure that all students receive the support and resources they need to thrive. I am eager to bring fresh ideas and innovative approaches to the governing body, striving to enhance the educational experiences and outcomes for all children within our school community. I am a team player who values the contributions of others and believes in the power of collective effort. I am committed to fostering a culture of support and collaboration, where every member of our school community feels valued, respected, and empowered to contribute to our shared goals and visions. I look forward to being your parent governor.


Annual Governance Statement

Rednal Hill Infant School Governing Body works to ensure that the children who attend the school are nurtured and cared for, and are given the best start in life.

They work to ensure that the school provides a high quality of education with excellent teaching and learning and a stimulating range of extra-curricular activities, thereby, ensuring that every child has the provision to achieve their full potential. By doing so, this prepares them for the next steps in their education, enabling them to contribute in a positive manner to life in the local community.

Part of the Governing Body's core strategic function is to hold the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school, its pupils and staff and to oversee the financial performance of the school, making sure its money is well spent. This will be achieved by rigorous monitoring of the School Development Plan, School Improvement Plan and pupil data.

Teachers will be provided with appropriate professional development and monitored to ensure that the teaching they deliver is of the highest standard. The Governing Body is itself responsible for ensuring that the training of its own individual members is regularly updated and that self-assessment appraisal and skills audits are completed on an annual basis.


  1. To set and monitor the Strategic Development and performance of the school.
  2. To maintain pupil numbers at the school.
  3. To ensure the school provides excellent teaching and learning opportunities by attracting and retaining well qualified and motivated staff.
  4. To use the Pupil Premium funding to its best possible effect to ensure increased access to additional resources for those who need it.
  5. To use the Sporting Grant to involve all children in fitness and fun sporting activities and for the training of staff in coaching where appropriate.
  6. To continue to give children the opportunity to develop themselves beyond the formal curriculum.
  7. To ensure effective financial management of the school.
  8. To ensure that the school continues to provide a safe and welcoming environment for pupils, staff and visitors alike.
  9. To ensure effective governance of the school.
  10. To provide for the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development (SMSC) of the children.

Action plan:

  • That the School Self Evaluation Form (SEF) is updated regularly and to complete a shadow action plan.
  • That the Schools Improvement Plan (SIP) is monitored regularly.
  • The school's finances are monitored and that the school remains in budget.
  • That data provided by the school, LA and DfE are monitored and actioned as necessary.
  • The career development and training of the teachers is continual and relevant.
  • Teaching is monitored to ensure the highest quality possible.
  • The school remains a safe environment for the staff and children.
  • Governors attend relevant training to continue their effectiveness.

Committee Membership

The Governors are made up of 10 people from different parts of the school community which ensures a sufficient diversity of views and experience are represented:

  • Parent Governors are selected by election from parents and carers from the school
  • Staff Governors are selected by election from teaching and support staff paid to work at the school
  • Local Authority Governors are appointed by the Local Authority and may be Councillors
  • Co-opted Governors are appointed by the Governing Body with particular skills or experience

Each Governor’s term of office is four years. The Full Governing Body meets once a term; additionally there are two sub committees which also meet once a term:
* Curriculum & Standards
* Finance, Facilities & Personnel

Governors’ Responsibilities for Teaching and Learning include:


  • Monitoring and reviewing information on School Performance to include Raise Online and Data Dashboard.
  • Monitoring and reviewing school targets.
  • Monitoring and reviewing in year progress for all year groups and all groups of pupils.
  • Comparing school performance against national data.
  • Reporting to parents according to statutory requirements.
  • Monitoring achievement for all groups of pupils (inc. pupil premium).
  • Monitoring pupils work and carry out pupil conversations.
  • Monitoring school target setting systems and how this is reported to parents.

Teaching and Learning:

  • Reviewing Raise Online/Data Dashboard, ensuring the school is meeting standards.
  • Ensuring targeted support and action plans are in place for all teachers who are not at least good.
  • Monitoring and reviewing quality of teaching across the school.
  • Monitoring teaching for groups of pupils (inc. pupil premium).
  • Monitoring intervention groups for all groups of pupils.
  • Monitoring homework arrangements.


  • Ensuring the school is meeting National Curriculum requirements and to review the Curriculum Policy Statement ensuring it meets pupil’s needs.
  • Monitoring and reviewing the curriculum with a focus on basic skills.
  • Monitoring skills coverage of curriculum in all subjects.
  • Parental engagement.
  • Reviewing and updating SEF (Self Evaluation Form).
  • Monitoring and reviewing School Improvement Plan.
  • Monitoring how school are developing pupil’s spiritual, cultural, social and moral awareness.

Governors’ Responsibilities for Staffing and Finance include:


  • Producing and approving the annual budget and present it to the full Governing Body for ratification.
  • Reviewing the actual expenditure and monitoring statements at least once a term.
  • Receiving and Reviewing financial projections.
  • Approving expenditure and virements of sums over £10,000; sums below that amount are delegated to the Head Teacher.
  • Conforming to the Schools Financial Value Standards in Schools.
  • Assessing the financial progress towards achieving the objectives in the School Improvement Plan.
  • Reviewing of leases and contracts – including traded services.
  • Ensuring Best Value principles apply.
  • Reviewing the financial implications on the budget of the Pay and Conditions document.
  • Receiving LA Budget and Out turn Statement (Section 122).
  • Receive the annual accounts and certificate of audit of the School Fund Account and other voluntary funds held within school.
  • Assessing the schools insurance cover to ensure that it provides adequate protection against risks.
  • Reviewing and approving the petty cash to be held by the school.
  • Ensuring LA financial procedures are complied with.
  • Obtaining quotations with a view to placing contracts/orders.


  • Considering applications from staff for variation to contract (secondments, early retirements, leave of absence, reduced working hours etc.)
  • Ensuring all personnel records are held securely.
  • Reviewing annually the staffing structure of the school ensuring that it meets the requirements of the curriculum and is in line with the School Improvement Plan.
  • Reviewing staff work/life balance, working conditions and well-being, including the monitoring of absence.
  • Implementing the Appraisal Policy and monitor teacher appraisal process.
  • Ensuring implementation of performance management for support staff and moderation of ratings.
  • Equal Opportunities.
  • Reviewing impact of staff training and CPD.
  • Staff Grievance and Discipline (in line with school policies).
  • Staff dismissal, redundancy and redeployment.

Governors’ Responsibilities for Site and Premises include:

Premises Health and Safety:

  • Review the schools Health and Safety Policy on an annual basis.
  • Receive a regular report on accident statistics, near misses and incidents of violence or aggression.
  • Comply with current fire safety legislation and regulations: review fire risk assessment and ensure compliance with recommendations.
  • Ensure Risk Assessments are carried out and reviewed on a regular basis.
  • Inspect the school site and buildings to enable maintenance and improvement, including security. (Site visit)
  • Review and Authorise upcoming offsite activities, ensuring that health and safety planning and risk assessments that have been undertaken for them.
  • Receive reports and audits from Health and Safety representatives (to include Caretaking and Cleaning).
  • Ensure staff and Governors undertake appropriate Health and Safety Training.
  • Ensure that Health and Safety documents and records are up to date: Fire log book; Asbestos on site; Premises log book (PAT Testing, Glazing Inspections, An annual check of PE Equipment/Playground Equipment).
  • Establish and review an Accessibility Plan.
  • Review e-safety policy and procedures.

Governors’ Responsibilities for Safeguarding includes:

  • Ensuring all safeguarding procedures are adhered to.
  • Review the Safeguarding Audit and ensure action plan is implemented.

Behaviour and Attendance:

  • Review Behaviour Policy and monitor school behaviour.
  • Review and Monitor attendance data against school and national targets.

Our Governing Body meets every term to provide strategic leadership, accountability and ensure effective and financial management of our school.

The Chair of the Governing Body can be contacted through the Clerk (Denise Brooke) in school. Please either ring the main school telephone number 0121 453 2636, or email, marking your correspondence for the attention of the Clerk to the Governing Body.

If you would like more information about the roles and responsibilities of the Governing Body, or about being a governor, please call into school to speak to the Clerk to the Governing Body. Further information can be obtained from the National Governors’ Association website:


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