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Home Learning

Useful Websites to support home learning

There are lot of websites, apps and programmes that can support children online.  Many teacher based sites have offered free access during this time.  We have put together our favourite. Click on any image to open the hyperlink:



Year group




Twinkl is a great resource- it has a massive bank of resources for all subjects.  Searching for ‘parent guides’ will help find resources with good explanations, especially in the maths section.

All resources can be down loaded and saved to your computer or printed if you are able to.




Free e-book library.


This website contains a range of articles and reading materials designed to engage children’s interest and lead to some research opportunities.

EYFS-Year 1

This is great for learning sounds.  The phases split up all of the sounds that children learn.

EYFS: start at phase 2 and move through to phase 3.  Phase 4 focuses on longer words.

Year 1: consolidate phase 3 and 4 and learn phase 5

Year 2: consolidate phase 4 and 5.  Then learn phase 6.




Use the ‘learning resources’ tab Bee to access a range of games.






Bee Bot
This is an app for the iPad-Supports problem solving and directional language.




Sign up for the ‘Everyone can do Maths’ package that they are offering for a range of maths activities. Anything to do with ‘Maths Mastery’ is very good.

Other subjects



We highly recommend getting children moving and keeping healthy. It stimulates the mind and improves children’s wellbeing. Try doing yoga through story telling.


Website and App-Physical exercise and dance




Monday to Friday 9am- Live sessions



Able to watch live animals





This is our link to home learning but there are many games that you can choose yourself by clicking on the appropriate year group and subject.















Please open the documents below: 

1. The National Geographic
The National Geographic website is full to the brim with a vast amount of information on a whole host of subject areas including the environment, space, animals and even world music. A huge variety of photography is also available and would be great to help with projects and presentations. It’s the perfect resource for your kids if they are interested in all things science and want to learn more about the world that surrounds them.


2. NASA For Kids
Space buffs are sure to love the NASA for kids website. There is loads of information for children of all ages, with footage from Mars and the International Space Station to interviews with astronauts alongside all the latest news about the most recent space launches and developments. What’s even better is the large variety of games and craft activities younger children get to choose from. They can learn at the same time as having fun- it’s a win win!


3. BBC Primary School
The BBC’s primary school website is an ideal learning resource for children ages 4-11 years old. What’s great about this website is that it breaks down the curriculum topic by topic, offering a variety of different ways to learn about them. From languages and literacy to history and PSHE- this site really does cover everything!


4. Natural History Museum
Most major museums have children’s sections on their websites, and this one is definitely one of the most interactive ones out there. There are games and fact files linked with current exhibitions, which makes the information relevant and up-to-date. Alongside this children can virtually visit the museums via the ‘Antcam’ and ‘Flesh eating beetlecam’- cool or what? A brilliant educational resource!


5. Brain Pop
The amount of educational resources on Brain Pop is super impressive, with topics covering everything from science and English to health and art. There are loads of games and activities to choose from that are all guaranteed to help your kids learn at the same time as having fun. It’s a fantastic website to use if your child wants to go over a couple of topics at once.



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